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Event location

Ampthill Great Park, Woburn Road, Ampthill MK45 2HX.
Entrance from A507 to B530 Woburn Road.


If you are planning to use any of the parking facilities PLEASE have the correct money. It’s £5.00 (CASH ONLY) to park and you can find the car parks below in blue.
•West Car Park (Ampthill Park)
•Queensman Football Club Car Park
•Ampthill Rugby Club Car Park
•Ampthill Parkside Hall

Road Closure Information

A road closure will be in place on Woburn Street in both directions from the centre of Ampthill to the A507 between 8pm and 9pm on Friday 2nd November. This is to facilitate the safe exit of 6000+ attendees from the event.

At all times, drivers and pedestrians must adhere to intrustions from the Police Officers, Traffic Managers and Licenced Stewards.

All pedestrians will be permitted to walk east towards the town centre (on the northern B530 carriageway) or south towards Coopers Hill at a manned crossing point.

ALL vehicles (regardless of car parks) will only be permitted to travel westbound on the southern carriageway towards the A507 for safety reasons.

Those vehicles parking in Ampthill Rugby Club and Ampthill Queensman Football Club will have to turn left on exiting and will proceed to the A507 to make their way home. Those parked in the West Car Park and Cricket Club will have to turn right towards the A507. There will be barriers at all 3 exits and Police Officers and Stewards to prevent drivers turning towards pedestrians.

ampthill fireworks parking
ampthill fireworks parking
ampthill fireworks parking